18 Aug 2017

In 2017, IGMI Group became a partner of Reliance Securities

Reliance Securities is a broking arm of Reliance Capital. It is one of India’s largest retail broking houses with over 7 lakh customers and a pan-India presence at more than 1700 locations. The company is a corporate member of both the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and provides access to equitiesderivatives, IPO’s, mutual funds, bonds and corporate FDs.


Reliance Securities, the broking & distribution arm of Reliance Capital, is one of the India’s leading retail broking houses, providing customers with access to equities, derivatives, currency, IPOs, mutual funds, bonds, and corporate FDs amongst others. The large array of financial offerings helps customers fulfilling their investment objectives on one platform.


Reliance Securities offers secure online trading platforms & investment activities in a cost effective and convenient manner. To enable wider participation, it also provide the convenience of trading offline through variety of means including live Chat, Call and Trade, Branch Dealing Desks and network of affiliates.

Focus on timely & error-free execution represents its core strength. Our best in class research offerings, high degree of compliance with stock exchange regulations, ethical business standards, & strong risk management capabilities. Reliance Securities positions itself amongst strong & innovative brands in the financial services space.

Reliance Securities intends to change the way people transact in financial markets and avail financial services.

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